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My Leica X1 professional sample book with pictures of Spain

June 18, 2011

From 9 till 17 april 2011 I traveled with my good friend Marc van Dijk to the Extremadura in central Spain. The purpose was to watch birds and whenever possible take pictures of them. We managed to observe many rare species and even take lots off very nice bird pictures. What we did not expected was the astonishing beauty of the Spanish landscapes, cities and the very friendly people. This is a small selection of this 9 day trip to the Extremadura.

With the Leica X1 I took about 2000 pictures and 89 of the very best are in this book. All RAW images were edited with Adobe Lightroom 3.4 and then in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.0.
It took me about two months to select and edit all the images.

You can just look into the entire book, because it can be viewed online for free;->
or you can buy the book in matt or lustre Pro Line paper.

you can watch it here:

enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think of it!

Have a nice weekend.


A new and faster way to search online with Websearch Pro for Mac OSX.

June 15, 2011

I have just bought and installed Websearch Pro. This is temporarily very cheap for only 99 dollar cents. It works great and gives you a much faster and easer access to your daily search requests. With a keyboard shortcut you can bring up the search screen and with the “up-down” keys you can toggle between the searches you have set up in the option screen.

As you can see i have added a few of my daily searches. This is the only “bad” thing about this very nice and fast piece of software. What you need to do is the following:

  1. go to the website which you want to do a search on
  2. type in the search and then look at the created url.
  3. at the end of the url you will mostly see “….q=(search words)
  4. replace the search words with a “*” so mostly after the = symbol.
  5. then copy this shortened URL into the option field shown above.
You can now type “ctrl+alt+enter” type in your search and press enter.
it works very fast  and easy.
You can buy and download it from the Mac APP store.
For more info visit there website:

iChromy, A new and fast browser for the Apple iPad.

June 12, 2011













iChromy is a Chrome-style web browser for the iPad that has Tab-browsing, Omnibox, Offline Reading List, search and browse from the adressbar. and it is very fast. Even this very first edition is already stable and worth the try. And did i mention it is FREE!
Only minor point is no .com keyboard , no privat browsing but i am sure they will come in time .

My very first photo book: ” A visual impression of the Extremadura” is out now!

June 11, 2011

After a long period of selecting images, editing and converting them to the type of black and whites I wanted, it is finally finished. In this book of 128 pages you get a good and beautiful impression of the Extremadura region in Spain. The landscapes, the nature, the towns and cities and the people. It is made in a small and practical coffee table size (18×18 cm) so easy to take with you and share with your friends. You can buy it in high quality or buy the hardcover version. That is the special Pro line edition with extra high quality paper to really let the black and whites “speak”.

You can order the book in the book section.

Short review of the Nik Snapseed app for Apple iPad

June 10, 2011
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I just installed the new Nik Snapseed app on my iPad and have played with it for a while. As you know i am a big fan of Nik software for the Mac and use on regular basis Nik Viveza, Nik HDR and Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. So the moment i saw the ne Nik iPad app i decided to buy it (it cost 4,99 USD) also the latge number of positive reviews helped. The app makes perfect use of the operation ways of the ipad. You swipe, touch and pinch to select an effect, adjust it strength and position its effect on the image. This is like the U-point technology in the standard computer Nik software and it is of great help to make local adjustments.
You have two screens with adjustments which you can see here below:















And here two results made with this app. I especially like the selective focus feature.











” src=”” alt=”” width=”600″ height=”800″ />

























For a higher resolution view of the images look at my Flickr account.

For more information on the Nik Snapseed APP you can visit the Nik website.

Spanish Iberico pigs in the Extremadura with Tamron 200-500mm

June 5, 2011

During my trip to Spain we saw in a lot of restaurants very big hams hanging on the ceilings. We had 6 very thin slices for breakfast once and it costed € 12,50! These Iberico pigs are large animals with a grey color and live out in the fields in remote area’s of the Dehesa’s. The Ibérico pig is the last of the grazing species in Europe. Its natural environment, the dehesa, the breeding method which allows the pigs to roam freely and the artisan methods for preparing the pork products are relics of ancient traditions. The Iberico pig is descended from a breed of wild boar which once roamed the Mediterranean basin. Its characteristics stem from its adaptation to the natural Dehesa environment, from which it obtains its food and which, considering the success of its products amongst consumers, it helps to preserve. For more info on this fantastic animal and the ham visit this website.

All pictures are taken with a Sony A700 and a Tamron 200-500mm using the barbed wire fence as support.

Some night shots from Leyden

May 31, 2011

After my Hapkido training I went home on my bike when I saw these nice city sights. I took these shots with my IPhone 4 with the True HDR App.