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Choosing a new digital camera…Fujifilm or Olympus.

March 17, 2012


I thought I had found the perfect new camera for me. The fujifilm xpro1 camera with the 35mm f1.4 lens. But after playing with an actual model I had second thoughts. It was much bigger then I thought I would be and the Af was bad in low light and the switching to macro when you want to go closer then 1 meter is bad. The only thing I still love is the image quality. Also the limited number of lenses is a problem. Especially when the 18mm is not that great in image quality as the 35 and 60mm lenses. My alternative for a small but good camera is now the Olympus mod em5 . After reading the long review and many images of robin Wong it occurred to me this is a very good quality machine with even nice high ISO images as well.
I would like to buy it with the 12mm f2.0 and the 45mm f1.8. Both give fantastic results in many reviews all over the net. Price wise the mod is also interesting as you an buy the camera with both mentioned lenses for the price of only the fujifilm xpro1 with one lens.
My current Sony a700 is to big for me, the af to slow and high ISO quality is poor.
In the nex couple off weeks I will make my decision so any suggestions in my choice will be most welcome.
For both the cameras I can use an Leica M adapter so I. Can use Carl Seiss ZM and Leica M lenses. maybe even buy a Leica R adapter from Kipon and try that for the telephoto end.
Have a nice weekend

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