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Spanish Iberico pigs in the Extremadura with Tamron 200-500mm

June 5, 2011

During my trip to Spain we saw in a lot of restaurants very big hams hanging on the ceilings. We had 6 very thin slices for breakfast once and it costed € 12,50! These Iberico pigs are large animals with a grey color and live out in the fields in remote area’s of the Dehesa’s. The Ibérico pig is the last of the grazing species in Europe. Its natural environment, the dehesa, the breeding method which allows the pigs to roam freely and the artisan methods for preparing the pork products are relics of ancient traditions. The Iberico pig is descended from a breed of wild boar which once roamed the Mediterranean basin. Its characteristics stem from its adaptation to the natural Dehesa environment, from which it obtains its food and which, considering the success of its products amongst consumers, it helps to preserve. For more info on this fantastic animal and the ham visit this website.

All pictures are taken with a Sony A700 and a Tamron 200-500mm using the barbed wire fence as support.

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